Please carefully read this page before you contact support. If you read it from top to bottom, most likely you will be able to find answer to your query

What Is is a web-directory for various skin care products.

What Does Do?

It finds out new third-party owned skin care related products on the internet and put it all together in one place for your convenience.

What Does Not Do?

Customer Service
Accept Credit Card
Process Credit Card Transactions
Ships Products
Accept Returns
Issue Refunds
Cancel/Manage Any Auto-shipment Membership Program.

What To Remember Before You Order Any Product, Recommends?

Before Buying:

  • We highly recommend that you read each product’s terms and conditions and understand them before you place an order
  • Remember the product name
  • Take note of the product vendor’s URL from where you are placing order

After Buying:

  • Check for an email sent from the product vendor after purchasing the product.
  • Take note of any info in the email like customer service email or number for future use

How To Get Customer Support From Any 3rd Party Product Vendor?

For questions or query about return, cancellation or refund, you need to contact customer service of the product you have purchased. For example, if you purchased XYZ Health Product, then you need to contact service of XYZ Health Product.
To Be Helpful For, Read The Following Steps:

  • Carefully write down the product name in a notepad. If you can’t remember the product name, check your email which you got after you have purchased it.
  • Search in Google with the following term “Product Name + Customer Service” or “Product Name + Terms and Conditions” (without quote). If the product name is age renew, then search term would be “Age renew customer service” or “Age renew terms and conditions.”
  • If you can’t find it in the google, then you need to find the sales page of the product from where you can get customer service contact. In order to that, follow these steps: 1. Go to categories in this site 2. Select the product name you purchase 3. Click on “Buy Now” or “Free Trial” link 4. After clicking you will be redirected to product sales page 5. In the sales page, scroll down to footer and find the contact us link.